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Removal of dead skin plays a very important role in skin care. This treatment should be performed at least once a week, with very sensitive skin - once every 10 days. In home we use peeling or scrub for this purpose. New generation peels clean the skin deeply but gently. They also have ingredients that nurture and nourish the skin during the procedure. After deep cleansing, the skin becomes more susceptible to other cosmetic preparations - creams, masks, collagen.

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A unique exfoliant that combines the properties of facial scrub and anti-wrinkle cream. Works as effective as a microdermabrasion!

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During sleep, the skin rebuilds and absorbs the most substances. You can speed up the regeneration process by using a mask&night cream. AteloMask, thanks to the biomimetic liquid crystal base,...

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Express Lift Mask is an anti-age treatment in the form of a mask. Specially selected plant extracts give your skin an immediate effect of a natural facelift. Express lift mask provides excellent...

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Thanks to the Blue Diamond Spectrum Ampoules you will achieve a skin lifting and rejuvenating effect comparable to a professional treatment in a beauty salon. The results are visible...

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The perfect Exfoliating Mask will be appreciated by anyone who values the natural glow of clean and fresh skin. The Mask with AHA and BHA acids accelerates skin renewal processes by exfoliating...

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Beauty Care Collagen Face Mask is a regenerating night mask with moisturizing, firming and anti-wrinkle properties. The rich formula is based on 12 active ingredients that have moisturizing,...

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