Body Collagen

How does body collagen work? First of all, Natural Collagen moisturises the skin and accelerates its regeneration. It minimizes scars, promotes healing of burns and other skin irritations. It also firms and helps fight stretch marks and cellulite.

Natural Collagen Graphite used for bathing will perfectly nourish and regenerate the skin of the whole body. Before a collagen bath, it is worth doing a peeling to help collagen peptides penetrate deep into the skin.

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Colway Collagen Silver 200 ml is an irreplaceable collagen cosmetic for whole body care. Bioactive transdermal collagen peptides quickly regenerate the skin and strengthen its immunity. Collagen...

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Colway Collagen Silver 100 ml is a natural collagen preparation for whole body care. It does not irritate the skin, it does not cause allergies. It contains bioactive collagen peptides that...

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Silver Body Collagen is dedicated to the skin care of the whole body. After using it, the skin becomes visibly moisturized, smooth, firm and elastic. The product is perfect for those with dry,...

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Natural Collagen Graphite 200 ml is a collagen for the hair care and hands & nails care. Collagen Graphite added to the bath has a firming and anti-cellulite effect. It supports skin care with...

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