Special Treatment

From time to time our skin needs a cosmetic for special tasks. The use of serum, oil, mask as a complementary care is a kind of fitness for the skin. Thanks to these treatments, our skin will be perfectly nourished and moisturized. It will stay in good condition for longer. Special care is necessary for mature skin.

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Stable vitamin C provides comprehensive antioxidant protection, as well as stimulates collagen production and blocks pigment development for smoother and radiant skin. Double C Glow Skin Drops...

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Colaceum is a care wax for skin, hair and nails. It consists only of natural oils, flowers and herbs based on beeswax and natural collagen. Does not contain any emulsifiers, dyes, flavors or...

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Anti-Age Capsules have a strong antioxidant effect and at the same time stimulate fibroblast division. This properties make the capsules an effective anti-age cosmetic, giving the skin firmness and...

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The Antioxidant Face and Body Serum effectively fights free radicals, which under oxidative stress attack skin cell membranes, including structural proteins such as collagen. The serum counteracts...

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Thanks to the Blue Diamond Spectrum Ampoules you will achieve a skin lifting and rejuvenating effect comparable to a professional treatment in a beauty salon. The results are visible...

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Express Lift Mask is an anti-age treatment in the form of a mask. Specially selected plant extracts give your skin an immediate effect of a natural facelift. Express lift mask provides excellent...

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The Eye Tensioning Kit is designed for two-stage skin care under the eyes with clear signs of aging. After applying Tenser, dark circles, puffiness and fine lines under the eyes disappear within 10...

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During sleep, the skin rebuilds and absorbs the most substances. You can speed up the regeneration process by using a mask&night cream. AteloMask, thanks to the biomimetic liquid crystal base,...

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Rich anti-ageing active substances concentrate. The condition of your skin will immediately improve in 7 days! Perfectly suited for large events when we want to look dazzling!

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