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Sleep is a beauty secret!

Sleep is the best friend of the regeneration of the whole organism. It also helps to keep our skin in good condition for many years. Everyone sleeps almost 30% of their lives. We need sleep more than food - we are able to survive longer without food... More
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Blue Diamond Sets

The stone retains its eternal color and glow with wonderfully play of the light - these are the features of the indestructible jewelry stone, which is moissanite . Moissanite was found in nature in meteorites and in the same kimberlite chimneys... More
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Disinfection Safe For The Skin

Avoid ethyl and isopropyl alcohol! High-percentage ethyl and isopropyl alcohol are most often used to disinfect the skin. However, it is not a safe decontamination method. WHO strongly advises against disinfecting the body with alcohol and... More
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Girl With a Pearl

Pearls not only perfectly decorate the female neck and ears, but also are a valuable component of cosmetics. The mother of pearl contains the same basic amino acids that contain cells of the human body. Cosmetics with pearl powder nourish the... More
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10 causes of cellulite

Why does cellulite occur? A lot of women (even slim!) ask their selves when they look in the mirror. Most commonly found on the thighs, butt, stomach and hips.   In these parts of the body in the skin are located sensitive to... More
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What is a plant-based collagen?

With the introduction of Colway's VEGE Collagen, the term "plant-based collagen" has gained a new meaning. Until now, plant replacements for animal collagen have been used most often in the form of hydrolyzed wheat proteins. They are usually... More
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The Sunshine Vitamin

Probably you have heard that Vitamin D3 is important for our health. Why Vitamin D3 is needed? How much Vitamin D3 per day? Who should take Vitamin D3?  Which vitamin D3 is best? Get answers:   Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin of... More