The stone retains its eternal color and glow with wonderfully play of the light - these are the features of the indestructible jewelry stone, which is moissanite.

Moissanite was found in nature in meteorites and in the same kimberlite chimneys as diamonds, albeit a million times less frequently. It was discovered in 1898 by the French chemist and mineralogist Henri Moissan in the Canyon Diablo meteorite in the United States.

Chemically, moissanite is silicon carbide, it can also have a surface layer of crystallized carbon, which, due to its hardness and light scattering ability, made it very difficult to distinguish moissanites from diamonds. Even the trained eye of an expert, as well as some diamond authenticity testing devices, have difficulty distinguishing this wonderful mineral.

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Currently, moissanites are made synthetically for jewelry. These stones are very durable, hard and resistant to scratches or chipping, they can be polished better than diamonds.

Jewelry with moissanites looks amazing!

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In the Blue Diamond Cream you will find the highest quality moissanite with a weight of 0.42 - 0.58 ct, brilliant cut, perfect FL / IF purity and intense blue fancy color. You can successfully use it to make a ring, earrings or pendant!

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