With the introduction of Colway's VEGE Collagen, the term "plant-based collagen" has gained a new meaning.

Until now, plant replacements for animal collagen have been used most often in the form of hydrolyzed wheat proteins. They are usually obtained from completely insoluble flour proteins and from gluten. A plant-based collagen is also obtained as a result of modification of polysaccharides by yeast fermentation. However, such collagen is biologically inactive and there is no major benefit from using it.

Vege Collagen by Colway contains low molecular weight, highly bioavailable peptides and aminosaccharides of exclusively vegetable origin. Vege Collagen has all amino acids that form the collagen, including endogenous amino acids and hydroxyproline - its most important building substance.

In Vege Collagen, an animal collagen has been replaced by a set of low-molecular plant microproteins, whose amino acid composition reflects the composition of the native vertebrate collagen molecule. It is completely safe and 100% biologically active.

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