Gold and Diamond Set

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This facial skin care set includes cosmetics for comprehensive regenerating ritual for your skin. Thanks to their synergistic work, you will achieve a perfect rejuvenating effect in a short time!

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The Set contains: ❤ Blue Diamond Facial Scrub, ❤ Cellular AteloWater, ❤ Gold AteloCollagen, ❤ Blue Diamond Cream with GUARANTEED moissanite!

What is moissanite? - find out from pur blog!

Cleanse skin and remove dead skin with Blue Diamond Facial Scrub. Already during this treatment, your skin will be nurtured in the deepest layers of tissues. This is possible due to the penetration promoters, which increase the absorption of active substances contained in the peeling.

Then spray your face with Cellular AteloWater. The water in the form of a mist actively moisturizes and revitalizes the skin, has antioxidant properties thanks to vitamin C and superoxide dismutase. Additionally, it stimulates the absorption of collagen applied to the skin.

The next step is the application of Gold AteloCollagen. Its effectiveness is based on the combination of three types of active transdermal collagen, which - acting synergistically - inhibit aging processes increasing the density and improving skin elasticity. The luxurious formula has been refined with silk proteins and colloidal gold, which makes the skin incredibly smooth and radiant after just a few applications of the product. AteloCollagen also provides excellent hydration and strengthening of the skin, making it taut, firm and radiant.

The ritual ends with the application of Blue Diamond Cream working on many levels. On the one hand, it strengthens and rebuilds the collagen structures of the skin, on the other, it smoothes and tones it, while improving its color. The rich and innovative formula of the cream with penetration promoters, collagen and the latest generation liposomes is especially recommended for mature skin or younger skin with special needs, e.g. very dry skin. This cosmetic has a strong regenerative effect, actively protecting the skin against oxidative stress and the adverse effects of external factors.

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