Slimming Set

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Well-known products - Natural Collagen Silver 200 ml and Slimming Serum - used together give excellent slimming and firming results. The cellulite has no chance!

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Collagen treatment against cellulite

One of the causes of cellulite is the weakening of collagen connective tissue components that bind the skin with underlying structures and are responsible for its tension and elasticity.

The collagen fiber mesh keeps fat tissue in check. When there is a lack of collagen fibers, fat cells diverge and multiply close to the surface of the skin, which is visible as a cellulite.

If you fight cellulite, take care of strengthening collagen fibers. Our Slimming Set consisting of Natural Collagen Silver 200 ml and Slimming Serum will help you with this issue.


Buying a Slimming Set you save 10%!

How to use

Apply the collagen on damp skin of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Wait a few moments and massage Slimming Serum.

Two or three times a week we recommend a rough glove massage with black soap Savon Noir - after the treatment our skin even better adopt and use Natural Collagen and ingredients of Slimming Serum!

Find out more about products in Slimming Set

Natural Collagen Silver 200 ml - is an irreplaceable collagen cosmetic for whole body care. Bioactive transdermal collagen peptides quickly regenerate the skin and strengthen its immunity. More details >>

Slimming Serum - contains slimming complex to smooth the appearance of dimpled skin and reshape the figure. Providing an immediate lightness sensation; your skin is more toned with even texture and regained elasticity. The cappuccino aroma held within Slimming Serum will improve your mood and you will love it as a daily cup of your favourite coffee! More details >>

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After 1 month of usage my skin looks much better. I am patient and use products 2 times a day. Keep working on!

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I used the slimming serum only, but after adding collagen silver to my body care I noticed significant better results. At the age of 20 I had the beginning of cellulite, I got rid of it completely!