EveryDay Care Set

EveryDay Care Set is the basis for proper skin care and collagen treatment. Every skin, regardless of age and type, needs effective and simple beauty routine to bring out its natural beauty and improve its condition. The basics of care include cleansing and moisturizing.

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EveryDay Care Set includes:
Native Collagen Pure 50 mlMicellar Water with Collagen 200 mlDelicate Face Wash Foam 150 mlExfoliating Mask 50 mlIntensive Moisture Face Cream 50 ml

Each skin type requires effective and simple beauty plan to bring out its natural beauty and improve its condition. Perform our beauty ritual and you will notice an improvement in your appearance.

#1 cleanse

Prepare the skin for the application of cosmetics by doing a proper cleansing. Your face will look fresh, radiant, healthy, younger and additionally it will absorb more active ingredients.

Soak a cotton pad with Micellar Water with Collagen and remove the impurities. Repeat the procedure until the cotton pad is clean. Do not rub your eyes too hard while removing eye make-up, it will irritate them. Hold the soaked cotton pad on the closed eyelid for a few moments, the mascara will dissolve and you will be able to easily remove it.

Wash your face with a Delicate Face Wash Foam.This is an important step because various care cosmetics effectively remove other types of impurities. Some of the impurities can penetrate the skin so deeply throughout the day that in order to remove them, it is best to use a two-step cleansing.

#2 peel

Perform a peeling so that the skin can absorb Native Collagen and other active ingredients from cosmetics better. During the Native Collagen treatment, we recommend using the Exfoliating Mask up to 2 times a week.

Apply the Exfoliating Mask to the cleansed skin of the face and neck. Leave it for a maximum of 20 minutes. Rinse the preparation thoroughly with water.

#3 apply the collagen treatment

Always apply the Native Collagen Pure to cleansed and moist skin.
How to moisten the skin before collagen application?
→ do not wipe the skin after washing - gently press a towel to your body collecting excess water,
→ wet the skin with thermal water spray.
Pat the gel into the skin of your face. You will obtain the best absorption of biologically active collagen peptides by gently tapping the gel. Apply a very thin layer of collagen, slowly and very gently patting it with your fingertips, movement of application should be consistent with the muscle position.
How many Native Collagen pumps should I put on my face?
→ 1-2 pumps if you are over 25 years old,
→ 2-3 pumps if you are over 35 years old,
→ as much as you can if you are over 45 years old.
Collagen absorbs water when its being absorbed by skin. If you feel that the gel is sticking to your fingers during application, you need to re-moisten the skin. A few minutes after applying the gel, the skin will feel ‘slightly lifted’. This means that the collagen gel has been absorbed.

#4 moisturize

Finally, use an Intensive Moisture Face Cream, which will perfectly take care of your skin. It acts as a moisturizing compress, prevents premature aging and repairs the barrier function of the skin’s natural hydro-lipid barrier.

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All my favorite Hydro cosmetics in one set. Provide gentle but effective care.