Colladrop Glow Collagen 5000 mg

Colladrop Glow is a marine collagen in sachets with powder to be dissolved in a liquid, containing as much as 5,000 mg of hydrolysed collagen types I and III and 20 other active ingredients per serving - including hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, vitamins C, E and B. Thanks to its composition and high collagen content, it comprehensively supports the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

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The product contains up to 5,000 mg of branded marine collagen Collagen HM™ per daily serving. Collagen HM™ is purified hydrolysed marine collagen from the French brand Copalis®. It is extracted by enzymatic hydrolysis from the skins of selected wild marine fish (cod, Alaskan pollock, saithe, haddock and plaice). Copalis® makes every effort to ensure that the production process is ecological and respectful of the environment. COLLAGEN HM™ is sourced from recycled natural raw materials, so that they are fully utilised. In this way, natural marine resources are not overexploited.

The bioactivity of COLLAGEN HM™️ collagen has been confirmed in clinical studies.

COLLAGEN HM™ contains exactly the same type I collagen as human dermis (approx. 85-90%), whose collagen fibres account for approx. 70% of all proteins. The degradation of these fibres is responsible for the appearance of wrinkles and skin ageing. COLLAGEN HM™ contains polypeptides with an average molecular weight of approximately 2,000 daltons, making it distinguished by its superior solubility and bioavailability.

In addition to 5,000 mg of marine collagen types I and III, there are a number of vitamins, micro and macronutrients per serving:

vitamin C is involved in the production of collagen to ensure the proper functioning of the skin,
hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally in the human body in the form of a sodium salt and has an important effect on skin hydration levels,
zinc and selenium help to maintain healthy hair and nails,
selenium additionally supports the body in protecting cells from oxidative stress,
common nettle contributes to healthy hair and nails,
copper helps to maintain normal pigmentation of hair and skin and influences the condition of connective tissues,
riboflavin and biotin help maintain healthy skin and hair,
vitamin B6 contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity.


Ingredients in 1 serving (in 1 sachet):

♦ hydrolysed collagen types I and III: 5000 mg
♦ vitamin C: 100 mg (125% NRV*)
♦ vitamin E: 6 mg (50% NRV*)
♦ zinc: 5 mg (50% NRV*)
♦ selenium: 27.5 µg (50% NRV*)
♦ hyaluronic acid: 60 mg
♦ coenzyme Q10: 5 mg
♦ choline: 20 mg, including 1% silica: 0.2 mg
♦ grape seed extract 15:1: 7 mg, including 95% proanthocyanidins: 6.65 mg
♦ copper: 0.5 mg (50% NRV*)
♦ organic sulphur (MSM): 300 mg
♦ nettle extract 4:1: 50 mg
♦ gotu kola extract: 5 mg
♦ thiamine (vitamin B1): 1.1 mg (100% NRV*)
♦ riboflavin (vitamin B2): 1.4 mg (100% NRV*)
♦ niacin (vitamin B3): 16 mg (100% NRV*)
♦ pantothenic acid (vitamin B5): 6 mg (100% NRV*)
♦ vitamin B6: 1.4 mg (100% NRV*)
♦ biotin (vitamin B7): 50 µg (100% NRV*)
♦ folic acid (vitamin B9): 200 µg (100% NRV*)
♦ vitamin B12: 2.5 µg (100% NRV*)

*NRV - nutrient reference value

Other ingredients: acidity regulator: citric acid, flavour: lemon, raspberry and orange, sweetener: stevia, colour: B-carotene.

Recommended daily intake

1 sachet per day.

Directions for use

Pour the entire contents of one sachet into a glass, add water or other liquid. Stir thoroughly and drink. It is recommended to take the product for a period of min. 3 months.


Do not consume if you are allergic to any component of the supplement.
Pregnant and lactating women should consult a doctor before use.
The product contains a sweetener: steviol glycosides.
The precipitate that forms after dissolving the powder is a natural effect and does not constitute a defect in the product.
The dietary supplement must not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Remember that a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are very important and recommended.
Store in a dry place at 15-25°C out of the reach of small children.

Contents of the pack

30 sachets, each 6.2 g.

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