ImmunAid is an effective herb-mineral complex, in which we blended the strength of Cat’s claw, used for millennia, with zinc. Cat’s claw increases the production of cells in the immune system, thus preparing our body for its resistance against pathogens. The effect of Cat’s claw is also assisted by organic bonded zinc, which also supports the normal operation of the immune system.

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ImmunAid's active ingredients also have antioxidant effects so they can provide protection not only against external attacks but also from those coming from inside the body.

If the resistance of the body weakens, it becomes more susceptible to infection caused by pathogens (viruses, bacteria). Although variation in pathogen resistance can be genetically related, there are also lifestyle factors which may weaken or strengthen the immune system. Factors which may result in weakened resistance include lack of rest, poor diet, consumption of alcohol or other drugs, or exposure to physical or mental stress. On the other hand, proper rest and good nutrition can help support homeostasis in the body.

ImmunAid contains:

Cat’s Claw (łac. Uncaria tomentosa), vilcacora – a tropical vine native to the jungles of South America. It gets its name from the small, hooked thorns at the base of its leaves, which resembles the claws of a cat. Cultures native to the Amazonian Basin have considered Cat’s Claw a valuable herb for centuries. It is only recently that modern science has begun to explore this plants unique nutritional properties. Studies have indicated evidence that the alkaloids, tannins and phytochemicals in Cat’s Claw help support the production and activity of the lymph cells, and the overall optimum functioning of the immune system. It may also have exhibited some antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Cat’s Claw has also shown anti-oxidant effects.

Zinc provides nutritional support for the healthy functioning of the immune system, and participates in normal cell division.


1 capsule contains:

  • • 400 mg Cat's Claw Powder
  • • 6 mg Zinc

Other ingredients: gelatin microcrystalline, cellulose, magnesium stearate.


1 capsule 2 times daily.


Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended servings for consumption during the da. The product should be kept in a dry and cool place, away from children. Not recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers. In the case of illnesses of the digestive system and in any other doubtful cases, please consult your physician. It is not recommended to apply Cat’s claw with immune suppressant medications.

Packing: 180 capsules

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