SlimCol is a dietary supplement composed of plant extracts, that support the body during the weight loss process.

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SlimCol contains grape seed extract that helps maintain correct body weight and combats the cellulite.

Accompanied by capsaicinthat stimulates carbohydrate oxidation and helps maintain normal body weight after weight loss. The research conducted by the scientists from the University of Wyoming clearly demonstrated that this substance is effective against obesity and burns calories. As an antioxidant it protects the body against free radicals.

Cynara, added to SlimCol, supports weight loss and helps to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.

Ginger and gurmar help to control normal blood sugar levels and reduce cravings for sweets. Additionally, common chicory supports the detoxification system of the body and helps in the process of losing weight while Turmeric extract supports the functioning of the liver and bile ducts helping prevent fat accumulation and facilitates its processing by the liver.

How does the SlimCol work?

  • ✔ supports weight loss (cynara, common chicory)
  • ✔ stimulates the oxidation of carbohydrates (capsaicin),
  • ✔ helps to maintain a healthy body weight (grapes),
  • ✔ helps to reduce cravings for sweets (gurmar),
  • ✔ helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels (ginger, common chicory).

How to use SlimCol

Recommended daily intake is 1 capsule. As the product contains capsaicin consume 1 capsule after a meal with plenty of water. Supplement friendly to vegans and vegetarians.

Ingredients of SlimCol

Ingredients in 1 capsule
Cayenne Pepper extract: 50 mg, including:

• capsaicin: 5 mg

Grape Seed extract: 60 mg, including:

• polyphenols: 36 mg

Cynara herb extract: 80 mg, including:

• cynarine: 4 mg

Ginger Rhizome extract: 45 mg, including:

• gingerols: 2,25 mg

10:1 Common Chicory extract: 100 mg
10:1 Gurmar Leaf extract: 50 mg4:1 Tumeric extract: 50 mg

Packing: 60 capsules

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