Body Scrub

Body Scrub with Collagen

Regular exfoliation of the body skin is the basic care treatment that can be performed at home. Thanks to it, we will keep the skin firm, smooth and well-moisturized. The removal of dead skin cells will also improve the absorption of the active substances contained in the body lotion. Remember that regularity is extremely important - then you will observe the best effects of the cosmetic. If you want a stronger exfoliation effect and your skin is not too sensitive, you can use the scrub on dry or only slightly damp skin. Pay attention to the ingredients - many oils or butters will make dry peeling pleasant.

What is the difference between a body scrub and a peeling? It is believed that peeling is milder, and scrub is more effective in removing dead skin. However, these names are most often used interchangeably. When assessing the power of removing the epidermis, you need to pay attention to the base of the cosmetic - whether it is sugar, salt or more delicate particles of plant origin.

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Delicate, light, but also extremely effective Body Scrub with collagen, sugar and Saint James’s shells will remove dead skin cells, nourishing and moisturizing the skin. With regular use, the skin...

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