Collagen peptides

Bioactive collagen peptides in Colway and Colway International cosmetics are peptides obtained from fish skin (Fish - Scale Collagen Peptides - FSCP), which are an ideal source of collagen. Collagen is a key ingredient in maintaining skin elasticity, and reducing its content causes wrinkles and sagging skin.

The callous layer of the epidermis acts as a physical barrier for many cosmetic ingredients, so their action is limited only to the upper layers of the skin. In the case of FSCP peptides, studies have shown that they penetrate the keratinized layer of the epidermis into its deeper layers and further - into the dermis. FSCPs in the epidermis and dermis are able to activate fibroblasts and accelerate collagen synthesis, thus significantly improving skin characteristics such as hydration and relative elasticity.


Huey-Jine Chai, Jing-Hua Li, Han-Ning Huang, Tsung-Lin Li, Yi-Lin Chan, Chyuan-Yuan Shiau, Chang-Jer Wu, "Effects of Sizes and Conformations of Fish-Scale Collagen Peptides on Facial Skin Qualities and Transdermal Penetration Efficiency", Jun 2010.

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Free oxygen radicals cause cell damage, damage to the DNA and RNA. The body has the ability to repair its nucleic acids. This mechanism, however, is disturbed, degraded and subjected to oxidative...

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Native Collagen Pure nourishes the skin with bioactive collagen peptides, making it an anti-age product which, unlike most cosmetics, does not fight the effects but hits the cause of wrinkles.

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In Native Collagen Gold, the native collagen formula has been enriched with valuable rejuvenating and antiseptic substances. Recommended for people who struggle with skin imperfections, acne and...

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Atelocollagen Colway is a superb anti-ageing collagen gel. Gold helix that you see in the bottle consists of three native collagen proteins: tropocollagen, atelocollagen and procollagen and...

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A new, luxurious Pearl AteloCollagen for face and body care. In one cosmetic we have three types of collagen (atelocollagen, procollagen and tropocollagen) with the company of pearls and...

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Colway Collagen Platinum 200 ml is a natural collagen gel containing transdermal collagen peptides. They have the ability to penetrate deeper skin areas and increase the production of collagen and...

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Colway Collagen Platinum 100 ml improves skin density, reduces wrinkles and slows down the aging process. Collagen Platinum is a natural collagen containing active collagen peptides that penetrate...

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Colway Collagen Platinum 50 ml is a bioactive collagen containing transdermal collagen peptides that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in skin cells. Collagen Platinum slows down the...

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Colway Collagen Silver 200 ml is an irreplaceable collagen cosmetic for whole body care. Bioactive transdermal collagen peptides quickly regenerate the skin and strengthen its immunity. Collagen...

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Colway Collagen Silver 100 ml is a natural collagen preparation for whole body care. It does not irritate the skin, it does not cause allergies. It contains bioactive collagen peptides that...

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Light and easily absorbed Intensive Moisture Face Cream ensures an optimal level of hydration and cares for the microbiological balance of the skin.

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Micellar Water with Collagen removes all impurities and make-up by using the action of micelles. It maintains the hydrolipid layer of the epidermis in balance and moisturizes the skin, so it can be...

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