Hair & Nails Collagen

Hair Collagen

Natural collagen is perfect for hair and nails care.

Natural Collagen Graphite applied to the scalp will help fight dandruff and other irritations. It will strengthen the hair, give it shine and stimulate it to grow. The collagen can be applied as a mask - massaging the gel into the scalp and leaving on washed hair for about 20 minutes, then rinsing the collagen. You can also apply a rinse to your hair with a solution of collagen dissolved in warm water.

The Collagen Graphite used for nail care will give the nails flexibility and resistance to damage. It will also moisturize dry cuticles and give your hands a young look.

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Natural Collagen Graphite 200 ml is a collagen for the hair care and hands & nails care. Collagen Graphite added to the bath has a firming and anti-cellulite effect. It supports skin care with...

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