Native Collagen

Native collagen is a collection of peptides that penetrate the epidermal barrier, stimulating fibroblasts - our manufacturing yards - to produce systemic collagen.

Collagen production is disturbed after the age of 25, when the inevitable process of gradual collagen decline begins. Since then, collagen degradation processes prevail over its synthesis processes. After reaching the age of 40, degradation process begins to accelerate and the loss of collagen is from this moment about 1% per year.

Using the Native Collagen in daily skin care allows for high activity of collagen producing cells.

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Pro Collagen Elixir Rose is a special formula combining collagen hydrate with natural antioxidants from black carrot and seaweed. It is designed for intensive anti-wrinkle and lifting care,...

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Diamond Collagen is the essence of up to 151 low molecular weight IOC Transdermal Collagen Peptides®, which effortlessly reach the deep layers of the skin and stimulate fibroblasts to produce...

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Native Collagen Pure nourishes the skin with bioactive collagen peptides, making it an anti-age product which, unlike most cosmetics, does not fight the effects but hits the cause of wrinkles.

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In Native Collagen Gold, the native collagen formula has been enriched with valuable rejuvenating and antiseptic substances. Recommended for people who struggle with skin imperfections, acne and...

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Free oxygen radicals cause cell damage, damage to the DNA and RNA. The body has the ability to repair its nucleic acids. This mechanism, however, is disturbed, degraded and subjected to oxidative...

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