Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is mainly responsible for binding and retaining water in the skin and stimulating cells to produce collagen and elastin. In addition, it is a powerful antioxidant, accelerates regeneration, smoothes wrinkles and soothes irritations. If it is present in the optimal amount in the skin, it is firm, soft, smooth and elastic.

Unfortunately, the amount of hyaluronic acid decreases with age. UV radiation, smoking and poor diet also contribute to its loss. Hyaluronic acid deficiency adversely affects the condition of the skin. Moisture is lost and wrinkles and furrows appear as a result of poor skin hydration. The skin becomes less tense, less elastic, thinner and dry.

Hyaluronic acid maintains proper tissue hydration and protects the epidermis from drying out. It owes its properties to a specific structure. The interlaced chains of hyaluronic acid act like a sponge that fills the space between collagen fibers and retains water inside the skin.

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