Bee wax

Beeswax contains about 300 useful ingredients, including vitamins, mineral salts, fatty acid esters, proteins, lipids, ß-carotene, squalane and flavonoids, which, reaching the deep layers of the skin, intensely moisturize, nourish, lubricate, regenerate and smooth it, preventing excessive drying. Due to the occlusive properties, the wax creates a thin layer on the skin surface, protecting it against excessive water evaporation and harmful environmental factors. It is an ingredient that supports wound healing and soothes skin irritations. It is also perfect for the care of dry and dull hair.

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Colaceum is a care wax for skin, hair and nails. It consists only of natural oils, flowers and herbs based on beeswax and natural collagen. Does not contain any emulsifiers, dyes, flavors or...

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A Body Balm composed of natural collagen, essential oils and herbs extracts. In one body balm there is an unique cocktail of active natural substances with nutritional, moisturizing and...

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The Masterpiece of Eye Contour is an eye cream with a unique composition and rich consistency. Visibly rejuvenates and improves the condition of the skin around the eyes, fighting all signs of...

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Collagen Lip Serum with regenerative and protective properties is intended for year-round care of the skin of the lips. It contains as many as 19 active ingredients, including collagen, vegetable...

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