Collagen Eye Care

The eyes work all day. They suffer from wind, dust, sun, insufficient lighting, TV and computer screen shake. The most susceptible to stress is the skin around the eyes. The skin of the eyelids is much thinner than the skin of other parts of the face. Instead of adipose tissue, it has loose connective tissue that easily stretches, creating wrinkles. This is why the skin under the eyes ages quickly.

Due to the slow outflow of lymph, the swelling forms under the eyes. Overnight, when the eyelids do not move, water, sodium and potassium salts accumulate in the tissues. As a result, the tissues stretch and swelling occurs.

Dark circles and bags under the eyes are another problem. Shadows are caused by venous outflow disorders, while bags under the eyes are the result of sagging and weakening of the connective tissue of the skin. Lumps of fat between the connective tissue fibers move down and shape the bags.

Fortunately, modern collagen eye creams can delay the effects of aging, improve lymph flow, brighten dark circles under the eyes, and take care of proper skin tone. 

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Blue Diamond Eye Cream has a smoothing, brightening and anti-aging effect. Application with a massager effectively reduces puffiness around the eyes.

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Eye Lift Patches are a rich formula for the luxurious care of the delicate and challenging skin around the eyes. The patches are saturated with moisturising ingredients to intensively nourish even...

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The Masterpiece of Eye Contour is an eye cream with a unique composition and rich consistency. Visibly rejuvenates and improves the condition of the skin around the eyes, fighting all signs of...

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Pro Collagen Elixir Rose is a special formula combining collagen hydrate with natural antioxidants from black carrot and seaweed. It is designed for intensive anti-wrinkle and lifting care,...

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