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Collagen body lotion effectively moisturizes and regenerates your skin. Transdermal collagen peptides provide deep hydration for even the most demanding and prone to dry skin. For lovers of herbs and plant extracts, we recommend Herbaceum balm, which is a composition of natural collagen, plant oils and macerates, as well as herbal extracts and decoctions - known and used in herbal medicine for hundreds of years.

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A Body Balm composed of natural collagen, essential oils and herbs extracts. In one body balm there is an unique cocktail of active natural substances with nutritional, moisturizing and...

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With HYDRO Body Balm, your skin will be moisturized and feel soft to the touch. The balm provides comfort for your skin throughout the day.

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Colaceum is a care wax for skin, hair and nails. It consists only of natural oils, flowers and herbs based on beeswax and natural collagen. Does not contain any emulsifiers, dyes, flavors or...

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Summer Shine is a body lotion with a glow effect. It emphasizes the tan, improves the condition of the skin, spreads evenly and leaves no streaks.

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Shea Amber Collagen Body Lotion is distinguished by its light, silky texture and rich formula that effectively cares for even dry, sensitive and mature skin.

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DuoLife Collagen Body Butter has firming and modeling properties. It contains a combination of three forms of hyaluronic acid, enclosed in the HyalTri 24/7 Nutri-FormTM Formula. An innovative...

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