Natural Collagen Platinum 50 ml

Colway Collagen Platinum 50 ml is a bioactive collagen containing transdermal collagen peptides that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in skin cells. Collagen Platinum slows down the aging process. Natural Collagen Platinum is recommended for care of delicate and sensitive parts of the body: face, around the eyes and mouth and neck.

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Natural Collagen Platinum by Colway contains collagen peptides that are able to effectively penetrate through the epidermis into its deeper layers and further, into the dermis. They activate fibroblasts and accelerate collagen synthesis, significantly improving skin hydration and elasticity.

Natural Collagen Platinum is suitable for both men and women and all skin types including sensitive and dehydrating skin. It can be used on allergic and acne prone skin, skin with broken capillaries, atopic skin as well as normal skin.

How to use collagen?

Apply to cleansed, damp skin 1 - 2 times a day. Any feeling of skin tightening is natural. Leave to absorb and follow with a moisturiser. For best results it is recommended to use our facial moisturizes with collagen. You can also use your favourite face cream but it is important that it does not contain fruit acids, zinc, ceramides and retinol. These components cause the collagen to lose its properties and weaken the desired results.


In a dry place, at a temperature between 5 and 28 ° C, preferably in the original styrofoam box. Do not expose to the sunlight.

Important! Natural collagen is sensitive to high and low temperatures! If in your country is very hot or very cold, read our terms and conditions carefully ('Returns' section).


Ingredients of Natural Collagen Platinum (INCI)

aqua, collagen, caprylyl glycol, elastin, lactic acid

Size: 50 ml / 1.7 fl.oz

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I have a demanding complexion and I can not use most of the cosmetics that are on the market. This collagen just saved me, my skin accepts it perfectly. I have an excellent moisturizing and anti-age cosmetic.