Natural Collagen Graphite 200 ml

Natural Collagen Graphite 200 ml is a collagen for the hair care and hands & nails care. Collagen Graphite added to the bath has a firming and anti-cellulite effect. It supports skin care with psoriasis, acne (also rosacea), chicken skin. Collagen Graphite 200 ml is so effective due to the bioactive collagen peptides, which stimulate skin cells to produce collagen and elastin.

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Natural Collagen Graphite due to the high level of pigmentation is intended for the care of less sensitive parts of the body: hair, nails, hands and feet.

Graphite collagen gel effectively regenerates fragile and brittle nails, strengthening and rebuilding their plate, while smoothing dry or damaged skin.

Systematic application of the gel softens even horny epidermis, ultimately regenerating cracked heels.

Collagen Graphite is also recommended for hair care, especially oily hair, with seborrheic scalp problems as a normalizing treatment.

In addition, this extremely versatile preparation is an excellent base for performing collagen baths regenerating the skin of the whole body.

The large 200 ml bottle is efficient and can be used by the whole family!

How to apply Collagen Graphite

♦ Hair care: massage into the scalp before each wash. Allow to absorb for one hour. Wash, dry and style your hair as usual.
♦ Hand care: massage onto damp hands and nails. Leave to absorb, do not rinse.
♦ Foot care: massage into damp feet. Leave to absorb, do not rinse.
♦ Bath: pour 20 - 30 ml of the collagen into the bath.

How to store the collagen

In a dry place, at a temperature between 5 to 28 ° C, preferably in the original styrofoam box. Do not expose to the sunlight.

Important! Natural collagen is sensitive to high and low temperatures! If in your country is very hot or very cold, read our terms and conditions carefully ('Returns' section).


Ingredients of Collagen Graphite (INCI)

aqua, collagen, caprylyl glycol, elastin, lactic acid

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It is a cosmetic in a convenient bottle with a dispenser - almost no smell. After just one application you can feel that the skin is more tense and firm.

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I use collagen graphite for the care of the scalp and hair. I got rid of dandruff, my hair is stronger and more dense.