Pearls not only perfectly decorate the female neck and ears, but also are a valuable component of cosmetics.

The mother of pearl contains the same basic amino acids that contain cells of the human body. Cosmetics with pearl powder nourish the skin with calcium, magnesium, silicon and phosphorus salts, micronutrients and amino acids. The mother of pearl has the ability to permanently absorb harmful radiation, hence it can protect the skin against UV and prevent the adverse effects of radiation - the formation of free radicals and the changes caused by them in the skin cells.

Researchers studying the properties of pearls claim that it can stimulate the metabolism of genetic material in the DNA and RNA cell, thereby accelerating cell renewal.

Already Cleopatra prepared pearl tonic, dissolving pearls in vinegar. Asian women have been using crushed freshwater pearls for 1000 years. Pearl is an essential component of Korean cosmetics (Korean beauty).

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