Collagen Renewal Kit

The Collagen Renewal Set will provide a spectacular improvement in the appearance and condition of your skin. Here you will find products for morning and evening skin care routine, and in the Blue Diamond Cream you will discover a guaranteed gemstone that will enrich your jewelry.

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The set contains:

Blue Diamond Spectrum Ampoules Vege Collagen Blue Diamond Cream with GUARANTEED blue Moissanite!

Start your morning skin care routine with Vege Collagen. After washing and toning your skin, apply 2-3 pumps of collagen. This vegan collagen gel, consisting of young coconut water, birch leaf and bark extract, aloe vera, horse chestnut fruit extract, rosehip extract, Asian pennywort extract, arnica extract, ginseng extract and witch hazel extract, will provide your skin in the morning with a real vitamin and antioxidant bomb. Vege Collagen will regulate the secretion of sebum throughout the day, the skin will look healthy and radiant. With longer use, Vege Collagen lightens discolorations, rebuilds the lipid layer and the level of ceramides.

After the collagen is absorbed, apply the Blue Diamond Cream.

Begin your evening skincare routine as always - by removing make-up, washing your face and toning it. Now, Blue Diamond Spectrum Ampoules will enter the action - for the first two days use peeling ampoules, then nutritional ampoules containing a highly concentrated serum of active ingredients, which effectively revitalizes and regenerates the skin.

After the preparation is absorbed, apply the Blue Diamond Cream, acting on multiple levels. On the one hand, it strengthens and rebuilds the collagen structures of the skin, on the other, it smoothes and tones it, while improving its color. The rich and innovative formula of the cream with penetration promoters, collagen and the latest generation liposomes is especially recommended for mature skin or younger skin with special needs, e.g. very dry. This moisturizer has a strong regenerative effect, actively protecting the skin against oxidative stress and the adverse effects of external factors.

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